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Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits
Eco Stone Plant Kits

Eco Stone Plant Kits

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Wally Plant Kits are designed to set you up for plant parenthood success. You pick the number of Eco planters, and whether you want bushy or trailing plants - then, we handle the rest! 

Plants come at random based on the category you choose. Trailing plants will give you length, whereas the bushy plants will provide more volume. You will get one 6 inch plant per Eco planter. 

Finally, you don't have to worry about searching store to store trying to find products that match up and work together. Instead, order from home and rest assured our products work in unison. From the planter, to the plant, to the Wally Nutrients and Wally Potting Mix, they all work to give your plants optimal health so you can adorn your walls with living beauty!




Size: 8” H x 11.75” W x 8” D 
Suggested soil Volume: ~11-13 cups or 2.75-3.25 quarts of packed soil with one 6" plant 
Suggested plant volume: 1 6” diameter plant per Eco planter
Material: 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE) BPA Free
Pantone: Warm Gray 6
Suggested Paint Swatch: BEHR Rustic Taupe


Spacing Guides


For a flush vertical garden wall, we suggest hanging the Wally Eco planters on a 12" W x 10" H point-to-point grid; this is the tightest measurement you can achieve with our hard shell planter. For more mature plants and/or more spacing, scale this grid accordingly. 





In your Wally Plant Kit, you'll receive as many plants as the number of planters that you choose, and enough Wally Potting Mix to plant them all - as well as a bag of Wally Nutrients to feed them. The plants you receive will be a mystery selection from among several varieties of either bushy or trailing plants. Note: Plants and planters come separate.

Each Wally Eco includes:

1 Basket 
1 Divider
1 Mounting Bracket
1 Anchor
1 Screw


Mystery Plant Possibilities



Pothos Golden
Pothos Neon
Philo Cordatum Green 


Philo Congo Rojo 
Philo Monstera
Aglaonema Silver Bay
Dracaena Limelight
Birds Nest Fern Leslie
Birds Nest Fern Crissie 

For plant care guides, tutorials, and more, visit our Wally Plant Kit page!


    Satisfaction Guaranteed


    If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it, or refund your money within 30 days of purchase: simply use our returns center.

    Wally Eco planters have an extended manufacturer warranty (up to 5 years) that covers defects, as long as product has/is being used to spec. Additional hardware or modification of product voids this warranty. 

    Plants only available to ship within the continuous US. Bring plants inside within 24 hours of delivery. Unable to replace or guarantee plants left outside beyond 24 hours of delivery.